This one is a song from popular nigerian singer “UJU” who has been doing a lot of good singles from Mali..on this onE she calls LAKE LAKE.

No doubt Uju has been making Nigerians proud in Mali and beyond Africa

happy listening as you download the song below

Now this song talks about our everyday life, how man being extra in everything/never contented in a way…..wants to see all of it, with the word ZOOM which means extra….we all victims of this track coz we zoom into conclusions, anger, discussions, or maybe a gossip that’s spread falsely to attract people, lifestyle, freedom, wants and needs  zoom into women, men etc…..we just don’t want to see it the way it is sometimes, playing this track will be 2 actors male and female demonstrating this song in a video where the man has his woman but still has pictures of other girls on his gallery, sometimes saved zooming them booty and more


🤣🤣might be in a romantic/tragic kinda way but it covers all I just explained earlier…..ZOOM as zoomalema Laké Laké a slang word meaning the initial…..we all ZOOM I’m not left out……MY UTUBE IS AVAILABLE, you link on my bio to get notified whenever I post…….. les francais le chanson veux dire le mot PLUS! On veux toujour plus en tout ce qui est dan cette vie, on n’est pas du tout content. après je vous bien expliqué.

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