Amine Harit: Important to try new things

Seven goals and seven assists in 23 matches: Amine Harit has been an important personel FC Schalke 04’s successful featuted so far. And even if oppositions players are slowly finding ways of silencing the Moroccan , our man is constantly looking to stay one step ahead and let his qualities shine through.

“Adversaries are defendind better against me now, yet I will continue buckling down,” said Harit, who understands that things don’t go to anticipate the pitch. “It’s critical to consistently endeavor new things, whether or not it doesn’t work. at some point, it might do and you’ll score. I will continue attempting,” the number 25 guaranteed.

It’s notable how regularly opponents must resort to ‘dirty’ strategies to end Harit’s development. “It’s been like that for some time, that I am continually being fouled. It’s a part of my method for playing,” he admits. “I would prefer not to be provoked and afterward let my team down by being sent off, so as long as I stay injury free, all is well.”

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