Why I Never Touched Oluwo When He Fought Me – Oba Akinropo, Agbowu Of Ogbagbaa Reveals

On Friday, Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, supposedly assaulted his associate, Agbowu of Ogbagbaa, Oba Sikirulahi Akinropo, at a gathering in Osogbo, Osun State. Akinropo tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA his side of the story

You were supposedly assaulted by the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, at a gathering in Osogbo on Friday, however he has said he acted in self preservation, what truly occurred?

It was not only a gathering, it was a harmony meeting called by the Assistant Inspector General of Police in Osogbo. The gathering was not the primary we would have. The previous AIG (Leye Oyebade) once assembled us for such a conference. The then AIG disclosed to us the police would just purpose criminal cases, yet as a Yoruba man, he encouraged us to settle the issue at the castle of Oluwo of Iwo. It followed a request against us (some conventional rulers) by Oluwo. In any case, all the illustrious dads that Oluwo claimed were selling land in his area understood that the security circumstance didn’t support us. Along these lines, we made plans to utilize the chieftaincy lobby at the Iwo Local Government Secretariat for the gathering and we made arrangement for sufficient security at the scene.

We were situated as of now at the setting when unexpectedly Oluwo alongside his drummers and a few hooligans landed at the scene.

The police officers that stood watch at the passage disclosed to Oluwo he was unable to enter the setting with hooligans and drummers yet he demanded doing as such. They all entered and we permitted them in light of the fact that we may be hurt. Around 30 of us (rulers from Iwo, Olaoluwa and Ayedire) left the setting through the indirect access.

Quickly we left the spot, the then AIG landed at the premises. In the wake of detecting the circumstance around the premises and the way that he didn’t meet us on our seats, the AIG additionally left.

The previous AIG needed to require another harmony meeting before he was moved so he was unable to do as such. At that point the present AIG, Bashir Makama, went ahead board. He likewise chose to proceed with the harmony meeting and kept in touch with us. He welcomed us to his office for another gathering on Friday.

We as a whole obliged him. At the gathering, he disclosed to us that being the caretakers of our way of life and pioneers, we ought to permit harmony to rule. Oluwo then rose up to talk and stated, as the pioneer of all Obas in Ayedire, Olaoluwa and the rest of the towns in the region, different Obas were selling grounds and he didn’t need that to happen any longer.

In any case, we disclosed to him that the terrains we sold had a place with our towns and not Iwo. The Olu of Ile-Igbo Kingdom said he just sold grounds in Ile-Igbo. Onigege likewise said something very similar, and I additionally said the terrains I sold had a place with Ogbagbaa, my area.

Alhaji Kamoru, the Chairman of Iwo Local Government Area, sat among me and him (Oluwo). Those present at the gathering were Officer-in-Charge (Legal), Osun State Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, delegate of the state Commissioner for Lands, AIG and the Obas Oluwo composed a request against.

The Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, while talking, said since the issue had to do with land, we ought to rather go to court rather than a harmony meeting. He said he would report the issue to the representative.

Yet, Oluwo said should they do that, they were calling for war. I didn’t see it coming; he just sprang forward from his seat, and inquired as to why I was talking while he was talking.

He left his seat and the Iwo Local Government Chairman was attempting to limit him, however he pushed him away and began punching me where I sat. It was the AIG that acted the hero by pulling him away from me.

Did he utilize any sharp item on you that exacted the injury all over?

All things considered, he didn’t hold a blade when he assaulted me, however I think the ring he wore or the vehicle key he held while beating me gave me the injury all over.

His charge was that you and different Obas were trespassing on the space of Oluwo to sell land, how obvious is that?

The grounds I sold exclusively had a place with Ogbagbaa and I have never trespassed on his property. Truth be told, the Onigege, whose space imparts limit to Iwo, didn’t trespass on Iwo. Oluwo likewise composed a request against the Onisara of Fesu and different Obas in the territory.

Did you think of any goals at the gathering?

We was unable to think of any goals since it finished unexpectedly. Like I said before, it was the AIG that pulled him away from me. I told the AIG that attacking me before him was commensurate to ambushing me before the President. He even endeavored to return to where I sat to beat me once more, yet the AIG advised his associates to lead him out of the setting of the gathering.

Oluwo claimed that you called him unprintable names and attempted to stick your staff into his eye, is that valid?

That is an out and out falsehood. He was simply attempting to guard himself.

For what reason didn’t you do whatever it takes not to retaliate to guard yourself while he ambushed you?

I have been a customary ruler for a long time and I know the value of the organization I speak to. Have you at any point known about an Oba trading blows or battling? I can’t be a piece of that frenzy; that was the reason I held my tranquility. In the event that I additionally had retaliated, I would have established an aggravation.

We heard you were treated at Trauma Center of Osun State General Hospital, Asubiaro, is it that genuine or would you say you were dramatically overemphasizing it?

Not in the least! Aside from the cut on my cheek, I don’t have some other cut. Be that as it may, I went to get treatment on account of the manner in which he ambushed and punched me. I additionally got a lockjaw infusion to forestall a viral disease. I should be on bed rest and not profit to my place for Friday, yet I would not like to spread frenzy in my locale. That was the reason I left for Ogbagbaa. I returned to the clinic early today (Saturday) to proceed with my treatment.

What do you believe is the answer for the issue?

Since the occurrence occurred within the sight of government delegates, I accept they should make sufficient move on it. So I am expecting what the senator and other concerned specialists will do about the way Oluwo treated me.

Source: Sunday Punch

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