KOINBANK, is a private Peer TO Peer (P2P) shared Economy Community, Guaranteeing a steady and stable source of income for its members, membership is capt at 10,000 members this is to ensure we are able to serve our members effectively.  change your financial future, hit your financial goals all in one app

Koin Bank app is a ONE financial app, that we have carried out our research and analysis, confirmed that they are not scam.

we found out that they are the first and only investment app which is a peer to peer community, with zero or low risk level, checking their life span, and mode of operations, they following contributes to our conclusion.

  1. They operate with an investment which is backed up with re-investment plans
  2. They have a caped number of members they can contain
  3. They have strict rules and commands already coded in their app
  4. Their System is fully Automated
  5. They have other sources of inflow into the system which are verifiable
  6. With their reinvestment plan, no member leaves the system which encourages the constant flow of income into the system.
    1. We also found out that they have strict rules against any violation by any of their members.

They are paying and are not scam.

THEIR SITE ADDRESS : www.koinbank.cash

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