Taiwo Agbona, The Young Lady ‘Chosen By Oracle’ To Become The ‘King’ Of Ondo Kingdom

Taiwo Oyebola Agbona, a 23-year-old therapeutic understudy, who was “picked by prophet” to succeed her late father as lord of Aaye realm in Ondo, says she can’t get hitched, pregnant while on the position of authority.

Preceding the dying of J. B Agbona, the alaaye of Aaye, who passed on May 4, 2017, Taiwo, the main girl of the ruler, was picked to climb the position of royalty for a while pending when another lord is designated.

The youthful official’s decision for the position of royalty was additionally landed at after the ruler producers counseled the prophet for direction on who to supplant the late lord.

An official is an individual selected to manage a realm in light of the fact that the ruler is minor, missing or weakened.

“After the end of my dad, the boss counseled the prophet and they were informed that I am the one qualified to be on the position of authority. In this way, they came to counsel me and request my assent,” she disclosed to BBC Focus on Africa.

Apparently frightened at the news, the 23-year-old requested that the boss give her more opportunity to permit her brood over it.

Taiwo said she later consented to take the idea upon disclosure it was intended for a brief time until a long haul successor is picked by the prophet.

“I instructed them to allow me three weeks to consider it. At the point when they returned, I disclosed to them I am prepared to succeed my dad. Inside those three weeks, I was pondering a great deal of things,” she said.

“At the point when my dad was alive, I used to watch him meddle in such huge numbers of things. At that point individuals expedite various cases clashes and different things to me and I will thinking about how to address them. Be that as it may, I express gratitude toward God now, I am utilized to it. I have been doing that for a year now and a few months.

“As an official, the individual still has the duty of the first individual on the honored position, the main contrast is that it is just for some time, it isn’t changeless. There’s no time since I will at present be on the royal position until they discover another ruler commendable and on the off chance that they didn’t discover someone else qualified to possess that position, you will stay there. That is the reason there is have to discover another person.”

She further clarified that her position has made her inaccessible to marriage and getting pregnant.

“At the point when you leave the honored position you can do whatever you can yet for the present, I can’t get hitched while on the royal position and I can’t get pregnant, so whosoever that needs to wed me should hold up till I leave the royal position,” she said.

Taiwo went on relish her experience on the honored position, saying such position of power has changed her emphatically.

“Previously, I am an ordinary individual, however it has formed me into a superior individual. It has likewise shown me how to be persevering on the grounds that you truly should be dedicated and think quick since you can be called upon whenever by your kin,” she said.

The excellent official is an alum from Achievers University in Owo, Ondo where she examined therapeutic research facility science.

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