The Motorcyclist Who Beheaded 5-Year-Old Boy After R*ping His Mother In Oyo (Photo)

As indicated by a report by jurnalist, the Oyo State Police Command on Friday strutted a business motorcyclist, Gbenga Oduola, for purportedly beheading a five-year-old kid after supposedly r*ping his mom.

Oduola, was among the 20 suspects marched at the police base camp in Eleyele, Ibadan, by the Commissioner of Police, Shina Olukolu.

The CP said the beheaded kid, Opeyemi Fadeyi, and his mom, Bosede Jimoh, 34, landed into difficulty when they boarded Oduola’s bike at Oja Oba, Igbo Ora in the Ibarapa Local Government Area of the state, on Sunday, December 8, 2019.

Olukolu said the motorcyclist took Bosede and her child to his home on Lawal Estate, Imeleke Road, Igbo Ora, around 8pm as opposed to taking them to their goal and had fornication with the lady multiple times before dawn.

The police manager stated, “The next day, the business bike rider took the unfortunate casualty’s child to another room and beheaded him with a cutlass. He confessed to have dumped the remaining parts of the kid at a close by shrubbery. The remaining parts were later discovered and the body had been stored at the general emergency clinic funeral home for post-mortem examination.”

The suspect told our reporter that he covered the leader of his unfortunate victim in his shop and “discharged his body in the shrub.”

In the interim, the order says it has discorverd about 2,866 units of ammo and captured 371 suspects so far in 2019.

The order additionally put the total number of guns and vehicles recouped among January and December at 46 and 39 separately.

Just 24 bikes were recovered.

The CP added that his men captured an individual from a furnished burglary posse, Sesan Amusan, and a female associate, Nofisat Alimi, who is ‘a syndicate armorer’ to the group.

Two different suspects, Usman Umaru, 20, and Musa Jayum, 21, were captured for scheme and attemp to kidnap one Abubakar Mohammadu in November.

It was found out that the suspects had requested a ransom of N1m from Mohammadu, else, he would be kidnapped.

The suspects were said to have sent a treatning message to Mohammadu, requesting that he produce the ransom on time.

It was assembled that they gathered the total of N120,000 from their unfortunate victims. But however were later captured by the police.

For another situation, Amusan with his case, equipped with firearms and different weapons, attacked the workplace of their unfortunate victim, Christiana Adeyanju, as of late and robbed her of huge amount of money and her cell phone.

Amusan was captured while different members from the group got away.

The CP said that the captured suspect later admitted to the wrongdoing. He said the suspects would be charged.

The direction cautioned those causing troble in the state to quit from any demonstration that may affect the peace of the people.

He stated, “I wish to state completely that NURTW exercises in Oyo State stays unrecognized and restricted.

“I similarly need to caution crooks. who feel Oyo State can be a place of refuge to complete their malevolent goal, to have a rethnk and move outside the state in light of the fact that the long arms of the law will without a doubt make up for lost time with them.”

Olukolu, additionally cautioned individuals from general society against the utilization of firecrackers, just as arranging unapproved road jubilees inside the state during the Yuletide.

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